Electronic Scheduler

An appointment and resource manager for single/multiple office or resources. Prints daily appointments lists, encounter forms, and resource schedules.

With Time-NET Scheduler it is easy to see the upcoming week and open appointments. Computer scheduling is just as easy, do a search and it's so much better than paper.

  • Appointments by Specialty
  • Multi-Facility
  • Multi-Provider
  • Customize Your Available Times
  • Deductible & Co-Pay Reminders
  • Prints daily appointment schedule and Individual SuperBills
  • Appointment > Reason = designators
  • Tracks User ID's of workers entering data
  • Time-NET MAX integrates with AR-Express billing software.


Exciting New Product Coming Spring 2015



DocuTrakPro will:


  • Improve your lead conversions
  • Prevent client loss (attrition)
  • Improve information accuracy
  • Reduce calls, emails and research time
  • Help ensure timely delivery of medical equipment/supplies