Real-time Medicare Eligibility Software

Introducing a new Healthcare Software Solutions software product ME-First™, a real time eligibility system for Medicare. You push the button and get an immediate response. ME-First™ is compatible with all windows based software systems. With this extraordinary software program you’ll immediately know if your client/patient is eligible for Medicare and what portion of their deductible is unpaid. You can submit unlimited patient eligibility requests with just one click of the button. ME-First™ works for all Medicare regions.

Medicare Eligibility Reports

ME-First™ - Your Complete Front Office Solution:

Eliminate time consuming and frustrating phone calls to Medicare to verify eligibility and deductible information. Simply create a request file with all the names and with the click of the button your request is sent. There is no limit to the size of your file. Your response arrives in seconds. That’s it.

With the help of this prompt feedback, you know right away who to bill and what to collect. ME-First™ identifies primary payors and HMOs, shows home health episodes, correct addresses, and date of death. Verify eligibility every time you bill and prevent billing errors and denials. ME-First™ will increase your workflow tremendously and improve your cash flow dramatically.

Finally, ME-First™ reduces your DSO. It enables you to collect patient deductibles at the time of delivery rather than having to bill for it later.

With ME-First™ you will have an amazing and powerful vital tool for better business management and receivables. ME-First™ is the perfect application to realize your plans for your future success.

Talk to your billing manager about this new exciting opportunity to grow your business.