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Our Partners

Medtrade.com The Leading Medtrade Conferences

Medtrade has been the leading show for the homecare industry for nearly 30 years, and is committed to the causes and concerns affecting this industry today.


AAHomecare.org American Association for Homecare

This dynamic trade association represents healthcare providers, equipment manufacturers/sellers, and other organizations in the homecare industry. Their mission is to preserve and improve access to goods/services and care for the millions of Americans needing medical care at home. 

This association is a voice for homecare and DME companies in Washington, D.C., lobbying to protect the welfare and interests of these businesses. Members of this organization are kept informed about industry trends, pending regulations, and compliance issues. The organization provides its members with networking, business relationship, and educational opportunities. 


Trizetto.com Trizetto Provider Solutions (Gateway EDI)

Trizetto Provider Solutions (Gateway EDI) helps Healthcare providers maximize revenue, increase cash flow and catch claims issues before they impact a practice. Over 85,000 physicians trust Trizetto Provider Solutions (Gateway EDI) to take the worry out of billing, so they can focus on what matters most: patient care.


MSDN.com Microsoft Developers Network

Microsoft Certified Professionals


NEA-FAST.com Medical Electronic Attachment

MEA|NEA is an industry leader in revenue cycle enhancement for payers and providers supporting the CMS Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation (esMD) program. As a certified Health Information Handler (HIH), MEA electronically delivers and tracks patient medical records for healthcare providers through CMS-certified esMD CONNECT gateway standards. This gives providers a way to submit secure electronic documentation to CMS and participating review contractors with tracking, to ensure records are received within deadlines.MEA/NEA’s FastAttach® application eliminates faxing and mailing of audit responses to CMS approved Review Contractors.

Learn more...


UCOA.com Unicomp Corp. Of America

Unicomp’s Impower products provide web-based solutions for automating labor-intensive healthcare business processes. Electronically convert paper EOB’s into an ANSI-835 (ERA) file, that interfaces with your existing billing system to eliminate manual data entry. Transmit an ANSI-837 secondary claim file, with coordination of benefits (COB) information embedded, immediately to the payer. Impower’s innovative technology solutions are used by more than 20,000 healthcare providers and billing services in over 35 states.


Availity.com Medical Claims Transaction Management

Availity optimizes the flow of information between health care providers, health plans, and other health care stakeholders through a secure, collaborative Internet-based exchange. It is Availity's mission to remove administrative inefficiencies, reduce costs, and improve the patient experience in the health care system. Ultimately, Availity enables physicians and other health care professionals to focus on their patients instead of their paperwork. We invite you to experience the Availity Gateway at no cost!


RemitDATA.com Web-Tools for the Business of HealthcareTM

Payers getting the best of your bottom line? Get the best of them! RemitDATA, is the industry's #1 provider of easy-to-use, web-based reimbursement and productivity tools that works with any billing system on the market to help providers just like you get more of your cash faster and reduce the cost and time of collections. Guaranteed! 10,000+ providers- and counting -can’t be wrong! Try it for free today!


MiraVistaLLC.com Consulting and Training, Billing Services

Andrea Stark is a Medicare consultant and reimbursement specialist located in Columbia, SC. Andrea spent five years working for DMERC Region C at Palmetto GBA. She regularly presents seminars at Medtrade and various State Associations. She provides assistance with start-ups, AR recovery, compliance, and training needs. She maintains reasonable rates to ensure everyone has access to the informative resources they need.


WaspBarCode.com Barcode Scanners and Printers

Wasp Barcode Technologies is a barcode company that provides data capture and tracking solutions for small business. Product solutions include inventory control, asset tracking, Point-of-Sale (POS), barcode scanners and printers.



Exciting New Product Coming Spring 2015



DocuTrakPro will:


  • Improve your lead conversions
  • Prevent client loss (attrition)
  • Improve information accuracy
  • Reduce calls, emails and research time
  • Help ensure timely delivery of medical equipment/supplies