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ARX E-First, Healthcare Software Solutions' real-time eligibility system, a fast and easy to use program that supports over 700 payers. This extraordinary software tool will immediately show you if your patient has insurance benefits and what portion of their deductible is unpaid, saving you time and money.

POS-CAM software and retail management automates your entire retail business. Our software offers a unique and powerful solution to help specialized retailers operate more efficiently, increase productivity, profitability, and customer loyalty.

Gateway EDI helps Healthcare providers maximize revenue, increase cash flow and catch claims issues before they impact a practice. Over 85,000 physicians trust Gateway EDI to take the worry out of billing, so they can focus on what matters most: patient care.


HSS – Healthcare Software Solutions has been a national Medical Billing Software Company for 28 years. We have been providing high-tech software, training, support and expertise for a wide range of applications and Medical Billing Software to companies of all sizes. Healthcare Software Solutions was built on the principle of providing the highest quality, most comprehensive, and easy to use Medical Billing Software products, and outstanding support for our clients. 

Our Medical Billing Software Company's philosophy is based on the fundamentals of superb customer satisfaction and excellent Medical Billing Computer Software solutions to enable our clients to grow their business and to help them to realize their visions of success. Healthcare Software Solutions, a Medical Billing Software Company, is proud to be on the leading edge of the latest changes in the healthcare industry, to support their customers with all ongoing transitions the industry is facing in these rapidly changing times. Healthcare Software Solutions, a Medical Billing Computer Software Company, offers medical billing software solutions and management tools for Home Medical Equipment Providers, Physicians, Mail Order Pharmacies, Rehab Equipment Providers and Billing Service Companies as well. We are highly proficient in all these areas of healthcare and our clients appreciate the benefits of the overlapping experience and products.

The Healthcare Software Solutions software product line includes many add on office productivity tools offering tremendous time and money saving benefits.  These tools are offered as separate, stand-alone modules that can be used with any windows based systems, or as integrated add-on modules to the AR-Express billing system.

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I have been in the medical industry for over eight years. I have seen several different types of billing software. I have yet to find another software that covers all the stated "HIPAA" compliancy needs. This software has made my job as owner of a Durable Medical Equipment company much easier. I...

Shelley Clennin, Owner

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Medicare Audits Deny Wheelchairs for 22 Severely Disabled Nashville Area Patients – 12/9/13

Medicare took back more than $200,000 it paid for complex rehabilitation wheelchairs that were delivered to 22 severely disabled Nashville area patients, leaving a local company in the red and questioning Medicare’s payment review process.