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HSS provides software solutions for Home Medical Equipment (HME) Providers, Physicians, Mail Order Pharmacies, Rehab Equipment Providers and Billing Service Companies. Our product line includes many add-on office productivity tools, giving you tremendous time and money saving benefits.These tools can stand alone or be integrated into any system.

Extraordinary Software for the Medical Industry


Healthcare Software Solutions Inc. (HSS) has been developing DME software for the home health industry for nearly 30 years. We’re no start-up! We provide comprehensive software solutions that are fine-tuned for every client. Discover your affordable choices for: medical billing, document management, claims processing, image and document storage, time management and scheduling. Highly functional, customizable, extraordinary software for medical and health equipment providers is our specialty — and has been since 1978.

Our flagship product, AR-Express, has delighted our clients with its ease of use and dependability. AR-Express Medical Billing Software costs less than software from our big-name competitors, yet has more features and flexibility. Best of all, you are not locked into a long-term contract. This is a Windows-based, HIPAA - EDI compliant, multi-user, multi-provider software system! No medical billing software is faster! We gladly provide a Free Demo upon request.

Request a FREE DEMO for the solution that matches your needs.

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Medical Billing Software – Fast & Easy


Exceptional Document Management Software


Verify First – Real Time Insurance Reports


Efficient storage of documents & images


Comprehensive Scheduling Tool


Single User Station Medical Billing Software System

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Over the past 20 years I have used many different medical billing software programs, so I have extensive experience as an end user. I also worked for 2 companies that sold medical billing software, so I have considerable experience setting up Master Files and getting the programs running. SourceOne Medical was in the Market looking to update our billing program software. When I visited DIABCO’s HIPAA Billing Systems booth at a Trade Show in Las Vegas in 2005, I was very surprised that Ed Kutt (owner of the company) was actually able to answer all my questions in detail (not just the “yes, we can do that” answer from most sales people), and then demonstrate the features, functions, and reports that made me a believer. My co-worker and myself had been viewing all the different programs at the show. Many users have limited experience using different medical billing software programs, and often do not know what questions to ask to find the software that best meets the specific nee...

Debra Janssen, Administrative Office Manager


Exciting New Product Coming Spring 2015



DocuTrakPro will:


  • Improve your lead conversions
  • Prevent client loss (attrition)
  • Improve information accuracy
  • Reduce calls, emails and research time
  • Help ensure timely delivery of medical equipment/supplies